Morning Coffee: Jennifer Aniston, Westboro Baptist to Picket NBA Playoffs, Martha Stewart Wants Laid & Tommy Lasorda is Not Impressed with Psy

Jennifer Aniston keeps getting better with age // Farrah Abraham sex tape screen grabs // Jason Collins ex-fiance of eight years // Doutzen Kroes should make every other model think twice about trying to rock a bikini // Amanda Bynes with no makeup is ehhh, with no shirt is cool though //

Edwin Encarnacion hit a homerun that is expected to land sometime after the All-Star break // Is it too early for a 2014 NFL Mock Draft? // The Westboro Baptist Church is picketing the NBA playoffs because of course they are // Stephen Curry didn’t like that the Warriors lost, he really didn’t like a certain fan // Read about the winners and losers of the first month of baseball for the Indians because I wrote the article //

I spend stupid amounts at carnivals trying to win prizes that I will probably lose on the way home, but this is ridiculous // Martha Stewart, 71 and worth $600M+, is looking for someone to sleep with via Seriously //  Blackhawks reporter reveals important information about the teams key to success this season // Storage Wars isn’t going to last much longer at this rate // I can only imagine I will hate the Kardashians more after this book comes out // Imagine being in jail for 22 years for a crime you didn’t commit and then being thrust back into society // Apparently Saudi Arabia warned the US about Tameraln Tsarnaev back in 2011 //

Tommy Lasorda was at the Dodgers game last night.  So was Psy. Tommy Lasorda was not impressed via The Big Lead

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