Morning Coffee: Jacqui Ainsley, Female Kicker Lasts 2 Kicks at Combine, Baby Cured of HIV & Batman Brings Wanted Man to Police Station

Jacqui Ainsley // Josh Cribbs doesn’t know what “tampering” means // The first female kicker at an NFL combine lasted 2 kicks before hurting herself and having to withdraw // This college pitcher was a little pissed he was getting shelled, so on a play at the plate he opted to just tackle the runner rather than tag him // What is the best kind of doppleganger? A Kate Upton doppleganger // Doctors in the U.S. have cured a baby of HIV // A man dressed as Batman turned in a wanted man, remained anonymous // Casey Anthony will be out of hiding and back in court today // Jay Leno may be leaving The Tonight Show again, Jimmy Fallon moving in // We got a tiny sample of some new Daft Punk music on a commercial that aired during SNL // Three year old boy fell out of 3 story window and landed on his feet // Mike Trout is making pennies compared to the other big guns in the league // Joe Flacco, on the other hand, got paaaaaaid // Teen wrestles a gun out of another students hands, saves lives, gets suspended // Kobe still got it //

Here is Miguel probably making a massive amount of women wreck their cars


Two videos of an awesome buzzer beater via Bobs Blitz



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