Morning Coffee: Isabela Soncini, Jim Kelly Announces He Has Cancer, Roy Hibbert Apologizes & Michael Douglas Claims Throat Cancer Result of Oral Sex

Brazilian bombshell Isabela Soncini // God bless KOM Swimwear for giving us these photos of Xenia Deli // Maxim Hometown Hottie Mayra Tinajero did a pretty awesome photo shoot // Nina Agdal Esquire outtakes will sound the fire alarm // Kim Cloutier does not get the attention she deserves //

The Cleveland Indians gave away awesome Albert Belle bobbleheads // Jim Kelly announced on Twitter that he has cancer, prognosis is good // People are making fun of LeBron on the internet in new, awesome ways // Indians ball boy contributed to a triple for the Rays // The photos from the murder scene as Oscar Pistorius’ home // Roy Hibbert apologizes for using gay slur in post game interview //

Respect the police doggies // A study shows that college women drink more than men do // The diary Heath Ledger kept while he was becoming The Joker // Woman suing Rihanna after she claims she contracted the herp at one of her concerts // Michael Douglas is attributing his throat cancer to going down on women with HPV // 25 people were shot in NYC in 48 hours, including an 11-year-old girl who is now paralyzed // Kai, the hatcher wielding hitchhiker is now in custody for murder //

This kid dancing will save your Monday


I want to play baseball at Vanderbilt


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