Morning Coffee: Inessa Chimato, NASA Beams the Mona Lisa to the Moon & The Manti Te’o Wonderlic Test

Inessa Chimato has a video that doesn’t suck at all … Kobe Bryant claims he has never, ever, lost a one-on-one game … Al Pacino tapped to play JoePa in upcoming biopic … Philadelphia has subway attackers as well … I don’t know if you know this, but Lance Armstrong talked to Oprah last nightDefense attorney knew where the body was buried, held the info until after trial … Lawyer had an affair with his client, then billed her for time … This might be the last season of American Idol … Give the Manti Te’o Wonderlic test a shot … Michigan player had a sick 360 dunk … NASA beamed an image of the Mona Lisa to the Moon … Think what you want about him, but Mark Zuckerberg donated $498.8 million to charity … A 16 year old made 404 bogus 911 Emergency phone calls

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