Morning Coffee: Helen Flanagan, The Heat Continue Their Streak & Alyssa Miller Explains SI Swimsuit Bodypaint

Helen Flanagan is being hailed as the next Kate Upton // Wonder if Helen would go to prom with this kid or just give him a ‘maybe’ // Von Miller had a brain fart, accidentally released his email address // Jimmy Fallon taking over for Jay Leno is probably the greatest news this week // So they gave us 15 of the 19 terrorists in 9/11 but Saudi Arabia now a “trusted traveler” according to Homeland Security // Barack Obama is in Israel on his first visit during his Presidency and his bonehead secret service agents put the wrong gas in his whip // Hold up.  Did Prince Fielder lose weight? // Bryce Harper has reached the pinnacle of the super star athlete // Heat continue to roll, coming back from 27 down against Cleveland to win their 24th straight // The Los Angeles judicial system and correctional system are both jokes // Deep Throat porn actor turned christian realtor Harry Reems died at 65 // The Ravens are starting to resemble the 1997 Marlins after they won the World Series, Ed Reed to the Texans // It’s safe to say YouTube is profitable // Wow, Twitter is 7 years old //Voyager 1 was shot into space 35 years ago and it’s still going, 11 billion miles away from Earth // A photo gallery of the last 10 years at war //

Howard Stern discusses the rumors he may be taking over The Tonight Show via Bobs Blitz


Alyssa Miller explains the intricacies of painting naked women for Sports Illustrated via BroBible


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