Morning Coffee: Doutzen Kroes, Razor Ramon on Jerry Springer, Bieber is Still Melting Down & Tiger told Rory to Get His Finger Out of Where?

Doutzen Kroes on the beach // High school girls are getting pretty serious/disgusting with their pranks // Chris Paul uses a whole room for his sneaker collection because he can // Take a look at Rachel Weisz…too bad she could make it to the Sexy 16 of Cougar Madness // Tiger Woods sent Rory McElroy a “motivational” text // Making a video game out of a urinal is going to make the wait longer // So you were on Nickelodeon’s Guts when you were younger and now you’re on Facebook // Kim Kardashian really taking the whole “eating for two” to another level // Awesome short video in response to the Steubenville Rape Case // Barack Obama appointing the first female Secret Service Director, score one for women // The Bieber Meltdown is still track to happen, here is the latest // Here is Gisele on a beach with new baby Vivian and the pictures the Daily Mail used were questionable (1 and 4)  // Interesting to read the Amanda Knox story from a US publication and then read the Meredith Kercher story from a UK publication //

These two dudes got faked so hard.  I hope their friends don’t let them live it down. via Bobs Blitz


Here is Razor Ramon on Jerry Springer back in the day being awesome.


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