Morning Coffee: Demi Rose, Tom Brady Signs Extension, A-Rod Hates Charity & a Bird Turd That Looks Like Jesus

40 pics of Demi Rose // Dana White is on a rampage at UFC, cutting 100 fighters // Desmond Bryant has won the mug shot competition // Wisconsin police have solved an infant murder case from 1957 // A Massachusetts man is drinking 350+ beers for charity // Speaking of charity, Alex Rodriguez’s charity donates 1% of its earnings // A hot air balloon crash in Egypt claims the lives of 18 tourists // Nick Saban has offered a scholarship to an 8th grader // Miguel Cabrera hit a home run off of Jonathan Papelbon that hasn’t landed yet // Tom Brady being a team player //Manti Te’o ran the 40, John Harbaugh was not impressed //Does this bird shit on a windshield look like Jesus Christ // Brent Musburger embraces his creepiness // Kim Kardashian and some black dude naked on the cover of a French magazine // Work ethic will take you far // Jennifer Lawrence already back in black for Hunger Games re-shoots // Today is the 20th anniversary of the World Trade Center bombing // Rape victim may be getting kicked out of school for speaking out about attack //

February is almost over and we already have a compilation of bloopers via Bobs Blitz


Check out the trailer for Thunder Treats and Catullo Meats new show!


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