Morning Coffee: Danielle McMahon, Jets May Bring Back Tebow, Johnny Football has a Sweet Ride & Michael Vick with his Dog in PetSmart

Mentality Magazine is a pipeline for babes, meet Danielle McMahon // If Danielle wasn’t enough, how about Ashley Tisdale in a bikini // Erin Andrews basher Dan Sileo was fired…again // I don’t know who Britt Butler is and I’m ok with that // Geena Davis, she was an actress in A League of Their Own, called out Seth MacFarlane for his Oscar performance // Brad Cooper feels “privileged” to have watched his father die // Would the Jets really bring back Tebow? // The salary at Texas A&M must be pretty good // JJ Barea is a cry baby bitch // Larry Fitzgerald is really taking his off season for all it’s worth // Michael Vick has his dog in training classes at PetSmart because we all know he has a shitty track record with pups // Brittney Griner from Baylor scored fiddy last night // Every kids dream would be a slide instead of taking the steps down // Sad news out of Florida, they informed the family of the sink hole victim that they cannot recover the body // Batman that turned in a criminal was friends with said criminal and doing him a favor // Little boy from viral video Caine’s Arcade just got signed to WME, life isn’t fair //Coupon rejected at Wal Mart, person goes all People of Wal Mart and goes to retrieve their gun // Miners in Australia lost their jobs for doing the Harlem Shake, officially killing the meme // Men, show your wives this article, prepare to be slapped // 76 years after the Hindenburg exploded, they finally have a cause // More iPhone 5S and cheap iPhone rumors //  

Worlds worst boyfriend? I thought it was funny.


Yankees GM Brian Cashman skydived twice yesterday. Stuck the landing on #1, broke his shit on #2 via Bobs Blitz


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