Morning Coffee: Charlotte Springer, Mickey Mantle Corked His Bat, Bryce Harper Ejected, LBJ One Vote from Unanimous MVP Selection & Eat More Boogers

Absolutely in love with Charlotte Springer // Salma Hayek still got it and will never lose it // Kelly Brook can give you a tutorial on how to use Instagram // Gio Ott? More like Gio Hott, amiright? //

LeBron was one vote from the first unanimous MVP award, here’s the guy that didn’t vote for him // Mickey Mantle may have been a cheater // Ryan Howard delivers a blind childs request for a homerun // Bryce Harper was disgusted after John Hirschbeck rung him up on a third base appeal, Hirschbeck was equally disgusted with Harper // Craig Sager was found passed out in a hotel lobby by college kids // It looked like Mayweather was just playing around with Guerrero // A soccer referee that was punched in the head by a player slipped into a coma has passed away //

LiLo has been in rehab for four days and already wants out // Here is an interview Lohan did with Piers Morgan, she only did coke four or five times // Justin Timberlake will be releasing part 2 of the 20/20 Experience this fall // Justin Bieber was “attacked” on stage in Dubai // Maybe you should start eating your own boogers // Kevin Spacey is awesome // No one in Boston/America wants Tamerlan Tsarnaev buried in Boston // Awful story from a bachelorette party // The Bronx backlog of felony cases are getting dimissed because they have too many…good plan // Iron Man 3 made a lot of money this weekend //

Dorky white guy crushes competition at rap battle via Guyism


Stairwell illusion via Bobs Blitz


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