Morning Coffee: Chanel Iman, Dwight Howard Returns to LA, Pitcher Sells Himself Like a Used Car, Human Trafficking in Vegas & Which State Has the Longest Sex

Chanel Iman is another on of the SI Swimsuit Issue rookies, but she looks like a pro to me // tells us thatBarbara Zatler from Denmark is one to watch, and they have never steered us in the wrong direction // Here are  32 GIFs of Kate Upton during her zero gravity photo shoot // The Chive has a fantastic gallery of the wildly popular Underboob // Christie Brinkley still got it //

You know Miley Cyrus’ tour is a bit risque when the actual fans think it should be shut down // A Top Gun fanboy spent months Tweeting the entire movie, frame by frame // CMT doesn’t pay their ‘Party Down South’ stars much…seriously, like $500 per episode // Um…wait…doesn’t that make it the KKK line? // The media wants to see those Justin Bieber jailhouse videos bad //

Tim Byrdak should be invited to spring training for the sole purpose of this awesome letter he wrote to GMs // Derek Jeter is retiring…big whoop…but he is also giving Hannah Davis another shot // Dwight Howard returned to LA and had a lot of fun in the process // There is a Kickstarter campaign for a color book depicting disappointing moments in Cleveland sports // Ray Rice looks like a pretty large scum bag after video of him dragging his unconscious wife out of an elevator // 

Facebook bought the text messaging app WhatsApp for $16 billion // Here is a chart showing which states have sex for the longest amount of time // Pizza Hut manager peed in one of the sinks because West Virginia // Venezuelan beauty queen shot in the head during a protest, died after mad dash to save her // Crazy story of human traffficking and prostitution in Las Vegas // 

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Cossacks attacking members of Pussy Riot in Russia [Bob’s Blitz]


Competitive eater downed 4 Chipotle burriots in 3 minutes [DListed]


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