Morning Coffee: Carolyn Murphy, The Patriots Shop Mallet, NYPD Cop is a Cannibal & 100 Hottest Women Under 30

Carolyn Murphy // NYPD police officer’s unbelievable tale of cannibalism fantasies // Jwoww wore a shirt (barely) that exposed her implant scars // The wussiest fight in NBA history // Stephen Curry might be the best shooter in the NBA, might? // The Las Vegas Shooter had an accomplice/kidnapping victim, she’s hot // And we’re the ones with the weight problems, Asians love them some McDonald’s fries // Unfortunately Seth MacFarlane will not be back to host the Oscars  // Waaaah LeBron might stop doing his sick pregame dunks // The other Sports Illustrated models hate Kate Upton // Now that the Pats have Brady locked down, they might be shopping Ryan Mallet // The 100 Sexiest Women Under the Age of 30 // Do you have a girlfriend? Do you like girls? The NFL is stupid // Absolutely disgusting pics of Vince McMahon’s hip surgery // Mother angered over use of sons last words from Tower 2 in Zero Dark Thirty because no one asked for permission // The Pope’s last mass had a s0-so turn out //

Poor Fiddy…just tryin to get what everyone else wants!


So “Goat Remixes” are a thing now


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