Morning Coffee: Carol Seleme, Another School Shooting & Sammy Sosa Has a Disturbing Pinterest Page

I don’t know who Carol Seleme is, but I have no problem finding out moreSammy Sosa has a Pinterest page and I guarantee you will feel uncomfortable looking at it … Harry Styles dumped T Swift because she was a prude … Dee Dee Bonner, AJ McCarron’s mom, is a bad ass and you shouldn’t f with her … Your All Bowl team according to USA Today … Snake on a plane, literallyDestiny’s Child putting out love song collaboration with one new, unheard, song … Even JaMarcus Russell thought this pass was awful … Maryland 8th grader, who bears striking resemblance to me in 8th grade, buries a backwards 3-pointer … Pretty sure this man who jumped in a tigers cage at the zoo is a sociopath … Woman dying of cancer offers herself up for questions for nursing students … Katt Williams thinks the Redskins name is racist, but he’s ok with calling Obama a n*ggerChris Rainey slapped his girlfriend during a fight, the Steelers promptly waived him … 10 facts you need to know about Bryan Oliver, the boy who used a shotgun in the latest school shooting … The Cleveland Browns named their new head coach who is now on his 3rd stint with the team … Somehow the gunmen escaped a mall hostage situation last night … McDonald’s just ruined the Happy Meal

This kid came insanely close to getting wiped out by a car going at least 40 mph… via The Big Lead


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