Morning Coffee: Cameron Russell, Happ Took a Pitch Off His Head, Generous Matt Kemp, Man Smuggles T-Rex Into U.S. & New Lonely Island

Cameron Russell can wear the shit out of a bikini // The Seattle Seahawks have added an 18-year-old high school student to their Sea Gals cheerleading squad // Ronda Rousey will be named Maxim’s 29th sexiest woman // This girl has got to have back problems // Florida teacher Olivia Sprauer fired after modeling pictures surface //

Toronto Blue Jays J.A. Happ took a line drive off the head last night // Fred Couples had an awesome speech after being inducted into the PGA Hall of Fame // Titus Young got arrested twice in 15 hours because he is an idiot // Carmelo Anthony got nasty // Tiger Woods wouldn’t have called in a violation if he saw it while watching a tournament // Hopefully you didn’t have a rain out ticket to the Nats/Tigers game // Matt Kemp is pretty awesome // This Florida lawyer is pretty high on Tebow…or at least something //

How about the Top 90 Celebrity Crushes on the 90s // Wade Robson, dancer extraordinaire, is accusing Michael Jackson of molestation, wants paid // Legs Underwood is taking over for Legs Hill on Sunday Night Football // Margaret Groening, the real life Marge Simpson, passed away // This man smuggled a dinosaur into the United States, what is happening to our TSA? // The little girl born to Amanda Berry while in captivity is doing well // The house of horror for Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight // Ariel Castro, one of the captors from Cleveland, has a daughter doing 25 years for trying to kill her baby //

Charles Ramsey’s internet fame continues to soar with this new interview with Anderson Cooper via Gawker


The Lonely Island is back with


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