Morning Coffee: Blake Lively, Why Are People Still Going on Cruises, Broncos Cashing In & Anal Cleavage

Blake Lively’s leg kill me // Jrue Holiday dunked on LeBron but that didn’t stop the Heat from winning their 20th game // Here’s a rendering of what the inside of the Sonic’s arena might look like // The Bronco’s had some big pick ups yesterday with Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Wes Welker // Naturally, Tom Brady is furious about this // Let’s hear it for the new Pope // I can’t understand why people continue to go on cruises // For those of you who know what Veronica Mars is, and clearly a lot of people do, there will be a movie  // PGA smokeface Natalie Gulbis has Malaria // How about turning your email into a magazine // A police officer used “anal cleavage” in his police report // This makes me love Olivia Wilde more // How about 70 year old twin prostitutes // If you have ever seen Moonshiners, or even a preview, this should come as no surprise //



This ends as expected, yet I still found it funny


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