Morning Coffee: Beth Humphries, Cops Interrogate a 7 Year-Old for 10 Hours & A-Rod Embroiled in Another Steroid Allegation

Beth Humphries makes me love England more and more … ESPN’s Mark Schlereth even thinks Tim Tebow can’t hack it at quarterback … Lindsay Lohan’s life is like a movie, a bad, bad movie … A-Rod has been named in a new steroid scandal out of Florida … This steroid scandal has the Yankees, who owe Rodriguez $114M over the next 5 years, looking for an out on his contract … The mayor of Denver made good on his bet and did the Ray Lewis dance and it was awesome … PornHub tried to get a commercial for the Super Bowl but was denied, got tons of publicity though. Well played, PornHub … Sad story about billionaire oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens’ grandson overdosing … Cops interrogated a 7 year-old boy over $5 for 10 hours … How about surfing a wave, err, a 100-foot wave … Casey Anthony is “seeking closure” from “things that are holding her back” … The Millennial generation may be the most resilient yet

Here’s a hot reporter challenging Ray Lewis to a dance off via Bobs Blitz


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