Morning Coffee: Alison Brie, Explosion in West, Texas, Bryce Harper Mans Up & More on the Victims and Suspects from Boston

Alison Brie, the main reason to watch Community // If you are a golf fan and you love The Masters and you love pancakes then buckle up and hold on to your socks // Congrats to Steph Curry on setting the NBA 3-point season record // Michael Jordan’s trainer claims he didn’t have the flu during “flu game”, because it’s so relevant now // Kevin Durant conceded the scoring title…via Instagram // Jamarcus Russell is working on his comeback and he looks like Kimbo Slice // Lakers made the playoffs, Cavs get their first round pick //  Speaking of Cleveland, if they draft Dee Milliner they will be a contender, according to Dee Milliner // Bryce Harper should change his name to Beast Harper // This is the most unsurprising story you will see today // This lady is bat-shit crazy and makes Lorena Bobbit look less than bat-shit crazy //  Huge tragedy in West, Texas last night as a fertilizer plant exploded and turned the town into a war zone // Of course, there is footage of the explosion from a father and his daughter // Are the feds closing in on suspects in the Boston Marathon Bombings? // It shouldn’t be that hard, because according to this reporter the “US isn’t that big” // Woman who was victim in one of the most iconic photos from bombings has a fund set up to help her and her mother //

Awesome show of Patriotism and Unity at the Bruins game last night via Bobs Blitz


The National Anthem will give you chills


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