Morning Coffee: Alessandra Ambrosio, Bradley Cooper Has Five Nipples & New York Model Wants Laid Before Doomsday

Alessandra Ambrosio doing her thang on the beach … Tommy Tuberville should take notes from Utah State’s Gary Anderson … Amanda Seyfried can deep throat a popsicle … Gerald Henderson made Dwight Howard his bitch … Model Niki Ghazian doesn’t want her world to end on a dry spell … University of California got trolled hard by blogger Brady Phelps … Katt Williams blames racist comment by Target employee as reason for slapping him … James Franco has figured out Lindsay Lohan … This week in Facebook idiocy … The Biebs isn’t welcome in the Phillipines after posting internet memes of a knocked out Manny Pacquiao … Evander Kane pissed people off with his money phone … The most profitable college football programs

Bradley Cooper is better than you…at having nipples.


Rewind 2012…YouTube Style.


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