Morning Coffee: Alana Blanchard, Pistorius Detective Has His Own Murder Charges, Hotel Guests Drink Water Contaminated by Dead Body & Woman Has Sex with a Dog in Public

Alana Blanchard … Guests at an LA hotel were drinking and bathing in water contaminated by a dead body … Bryce Harper has to get his mustache game right to catch brother Bryan … Our boy Gronk is still partying … The detective in the Oscar Pistorius case is facing 7 charges of attempted murder … So this guy broke into a firehouse and did what on the fireman’s gear? … Here’s the Harlem Shake, Cosby edition … Here’s how you can make your website do the Harlem Shake … Man sues his parents for not loving him enough … “As police officers approached the woman, she said “hi” and began to fondle the dog” … TSA detained a TODDLER in a WHEELCHAIR … Prince Harry has a new slam piece … Would Kobe support trading Dwight?Playstation 4 is on it’s way …


The news report from Las Vegas about the woman having sex with a pitbull


Worlds strongest soldier does no-handed push ups via Bobs Blitz


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