Morning Coffee: Elyse Taylor, Fan Falls to Death at Turner Field, Tom Brady is a Creep, Gun Safety Instructor Accidentally Shoots Student & Bieber Serenaded His Grandma Naked

Elyse Taylor can wear the shit out of a bikini // Emma Frain should teach a course on how to effectively use Instagram to your advantage // My absolute favorite right now, Nina Agdal // Check out these Wonder Women // Sofia Vergara has more curves than something that has a lot of curves // Selma Blair whips tit out and is catching hell for it //

Sad news out of Atlanta after news that a fan that fell during the game last night had passed away // Cleveland Cavaliers mascot Moon Dog went to a wedding this weekend // Tom Brady is a man, therefore Tom Brady still checks out a fat ass when he sees one // John Gotti gave a lesson to his grandson about athletes and steroids in 1998 // Dwight Gooden got evicted from his mansion // This week in awesome weather and sports timed photos: Usain Bolt // 

Justin Bieber serenaded his grandmother naked (you read that right) and his fans, obviously, are blaming TMZ // Comedian Kevin Hart is short so this picture with Shaq is awesome // Is the new iPhone being revealed on September 10th? // Top 8 cities with the wealthiest residents // How about San Fran to LA in 30 minutes, only 700mph // Today’s irony, gun safety instructor accidentally shoots student // Here are some of the most awesome dads in the world // Unbelievably sad story out of San Diego where a 16 year old girl was kidnapped after her mother and brother were murdered // This makes me feel a lot better about the health care system in this country // Kid killed great-grandma with a hatchet, somehow he is shocked when he gets life in prison //  

Only one video today…No matter how you feel about Ashton Kutcher (Chris), you have to agree that this speech is awesome. Lock him down for your college commencement now…via The Nosebleeds


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