Monday's Thunder 6-Pack

Katy-PerryEvery so often, as part of my New Year’s resolution to provide more linkage on Thunder Treats, I will be posting a 6-Pack of links for your enjoyment.  Sometimes it may be midday, like today, while other times it will be either in the morning or at night.  The picture associated with the links is Katy Perry looking cute as ever…it is meant to counteract the last link.  Yikes.  Enjoy and Happy friggin New Year.

Eric Mangini is out as the Browns head coach…that didn’t take long

The Big 10 crapped down their collective legs this weekend.  How the hell do we fix this?

The Vols have blown 2 games this year because of bonehead mistakes. Their latest cost them a bowl victory.  Shame on you Dooley.

Create a caption for this Brett Favre picture…

In case you didn’t know, there was a pretty awesome fight card Saturday night for UFC 125

I hate Russell Brand for tweeting this picture of Katy Perry with no makeup…Damn him.

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