Monday Morning 12 Pack: Your Cure For the Weekend Hangover

mm12p2Starting today, Thunder Treats is teaming up with to bring you the Monday Morning 12 Pack.  These articles will include 12 pieces of news from the previous week that we think either deserve more time or just rub us the wrong way.  The articles will range from sports stories to entertainment news to everything in between.  Just like here at Thunder Treats, nothing is off limits.

Listed here will be Thunder Treats 6 contributions to the 12 banger and at the end of our article, you can head over to Guys Girl to get the rest.  Hope you guys enjoy and if you think there is something that should be included in a future 12 pack, don’t hesitate to let us or Guys Girl know!

Greg Schiano leaves Rutgers for the NFL….Really? 
The Buccaneers are gonna go to Rutgers for their next football coach?  Yes, he led them to a 5-1 bowl record and an overall record of 68-67, but he was in the Big East!  Big East football should be in FCS.  I don’t know that the Bucs do better than last season when they went 4-12.  He’ll be back in the college ranks soon.

A teenager gets beat by 7 other kids…
Honestly, watching this video pissed me off to no end.  I can’t believe the kid got up and was able to get away after 4 minutes of kicks to the face.  On the bright side, the father of one of the aggressors turned his son in after seeing the video. He is now being charged as an adult. I hope he becomes Bubba’s bitch.

Pau Gasol pats Chris Paul on the head…
There are certain things you don’t do to short dude and patting him on the head is one.  This showed me that Pau Gasol is an insecure little bitch because of the whole Lakers trying to trade him for Paul earlier this season. Bitter much? Douche bag. CP3 is right, Gasol is soft.

Fausto Carmona isn’t Fausto Carmona…
There HAS to be a better system of checks and balances when recruiting and signing foreign players.  Fausto Car—err–Roberto Hernandez Heredia was arrested for falsifying his name and birth date.  The Tribe has put him on the restricted list, so he won’t count against the 25 or 40 man roster and they won’t have to pay him until he reports to the team…if he reports to the team.

Detroit Tiger sign Prince Fielder for whaaaaat???
Wow, keep eating those Twinkies by the handful, kids, and maybe one day you can big a big league millionaire.  The Detroit Tigers gave Fielder 9 years and $214 million!  9 years? Yikes.  It’s true, I hate the Tigers with a passion like no other but this move doesn’t seem like a smart one.  If it nets them a Championship, then I will eat my words but I am willing to bet that they will regret this in 5 years.  Or less.

The Rhodes Trust suspends Patrick Witts candidacy based on sexual assault allegations…
Let me preface this with the fact that I think no matter how smart you are, if you have a penis, odds are you are bound to do something stupid eventually and if these allegations are true, then I hope justice is served.  With that said, the Rhodes Trust “learned through unofficial channels that a fellow student had accused Witt of sexual assault” and suspended his candidacy. Ummm, what?  The “victim” hasn’t gone to the police or even filed an official complaint.  Seems like the Trust is a little pissed he chose to play Harvard rather than be interviewed.  Wah Wah Wah Wahodes Trust.

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