Modern Man And His Money Matters

In ye days of olde, men were the primary money makers and managers. Women had little idea of financial matters because they stayed in the home and didn’t earn. As such, it all fell to the men to save, control, and dominate the issue.

But, things soon changed. When they started going out to work, women took just as active a role in earning. They were finally able to go out and make a living, independent of what any man could provide. And, somewhere along the way, something happened to men’s ability to manage money. Perhaps it’s because women started taking the lead, but those management skills many of our ancestors possessed left us high and dry. While many modern men wouldn’t admit it, it’s not unusual for the woman to now take the lead on matters of money. And, unsurprisingly, that can leave a guy feeling pretty low.

Obviously, this isn’t always the case. But, if you are one of those men without an ounce of money sense left, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to look at a few ways to remaster your money management.

Take note of where you spend

Be honest, do you actually know where your money goes? Often, those who can’t get on top of matters fail to keep track of what they’re spending. As such, they’re more inclined to waste money. But, if you spend even just one-month making a note of expenses, you’ll soon tighten your belt. You may not think £10 on takeaway makes much difference, but doing that once a week will lead to an extra £40. It’s also worth taking note of recurring monthly expenses, such as phone bills and subscription costs.

Consider where you could cut costs

Once you know where you’re spending, start cutting costs. Some things, like take away, will be easy to manage. You don’t have to cut it out altogether, but take it down to once a month. As for phone bills, it may also be worth considering whether your contract is worth the expense. We live in a contract culture, where many of us opt for as many minutes and texts as possible. But, with apps like Whatsapp, many of us don’t use them. In this case, it’s worth opting for pay as you go instead. As outlined by entrepreneurs like Issa Asad, this can help you save in a major way. As for your subscriptions, consider whether they’re worthwhile. Do you watch enough on Netflix to warrant that $8.99?

Get strict with saving

Let’s be honest fellas; we’re not gifted in the art of saving. Why put money aside when you could spend it? Life’s too short and all that. But, savings make a huge difference to quality of life. If nothing else, they can put your mind at ease. As such, your financial burdens will ease straight away. Get strict with yourself by setting a monthly savings amount, and having it come out of your account automatically each payday.

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