MC Meals on Wheels

mcmealsonwheelsFile this post under the “shit I cannot make up” category.

In what might be the most shocking video I have come across on YouTube in a very long time, California rapper MC Meals on Wheels spits about how her legs might not work but her vagina still does.  You read that right.  Her first single, Vagina Ain’t Handicapped, is sure to get past 1 million hits on YouTube.  If you go to the YouTube page for the song and read the lyrics your jaw will more than likely drop.  Still though, I give her all the credit in the world, if Lil’ Kim can sings songs like this why can’t she?  I give her mad props and hope her internet fame soars past the heights on Antoine Dodson.

[youtube id=fe-MHkUwtFk ]

Real name Laura has a Facebook page that you can “Like” here.  Most of the comments on her YouTube page (name: CrippleWithSwag) and Facebook page are showing love and support while others are just plain shocked. 

Get it girl.

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