Mark Titus: Mr. Rainmaker

You may have heard of Club Trillion, the blog from Ohio State basketball player Mark Titus. If you haven’t then you can just pack your bags and don’t let the browser hit you on the way out.  For those of you that have heard of The Shark, he has passed a great milestone by surpassing over 2,000,000 hits!  That is an outstanding number for a blog and one that would need the proper celebration.  Mark hits his celebration nail on the head with his this video.  It is a video to all the haters out there that think he is only there to fill a warm up suit or make sure the towels are proper length for wearing around your neck.  His perspective into The Ohio State basketball program is unparalelled and rivals the comedy of Leslie Nielson.  Congrats to Club Trillion, The Shark and the “man behind the blog” Andy Keller.  Sit back and enjoy the show…

[youtube id=5V6FCitvRUM ]

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