Man Drives Stolen Car to Court to Face Charge For Stealing a Car

It’s 2018 and the internet is a full cup of awesome people doing even more awesome things.

For instance, take self-starter Jonathon Rivera. This gentleman knew he had to get to court because you can get in even deeper shit if you skip a court date. If you don’t have a ride there, just what the hell is a guy to do?

“A Hartford man due in court to answer a charge of stealing a car apparently stole a car to get to court, police said.

Jonathan Rivera, 25, was at Superior Court in Hartford on Wednesday to answer a charge of first-degree larceny and tampering with a motor vehicle involving the theft of a car in Hartford on Feb. 17. As he waited to appear before a judge, Hartford Parking Authority agents scanning license plates for parking violators got a hit on a white 2014 Subaru Legacy parked near the courthouse. The license plates had been reported stolen and the car itself had been stolen from Newington because a key fob was left in it, police said.

Police kept an eye on the car, and when Rivera left court, got in and tried to drive away, they moved in and arrested him.

He was charged with second-degree larceny and taking a motor vehicle without the owner’s permission.”



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