Friday Link Dump


South Park has had a lot of celebrity guests over the years, here are the 5 best from the show..

Head over to 27 Pitches to learn a little more about the Maroney trade…and also learn what a “Bransfer” is..

The halftime show for the upcoming Super Bowl has been announced…

Its almost fall TV time and here is a list of 20 different shows that every bro should be watching

Tiger Wood’s infamous mistress Rachel Uchitel wants to pose in Playboy…But someone has put a stop to it…Their name rhymes with Shmiger Shmoods.

Holy crap, hello Shay Marie…

The Detroit Lions have cheerleaders…sort of.

Auburn Tigers may have a new look for their game against South Carolina this week

This is one pregame ritual that I will never understand…ever.

Tiger Woods has lost a lot of things this year…money, however, is not one of them

A Florida football player has been arrested…for the 27th time under Lord Meyer.

Holy Megan Fox in her new Armani Lingerie ad…just wow.


I hate Kyle Busch…it’s just not fair.

I used to deliver pizzas, maybe I could walk on at Hawaii and throw for 600 yards in 2 games…highly unlikely though…emphasis on highly.

Snooki from Jersey Shore sings a Mets song…however the heartfelt letter from the guys at The Sports Hernia is the reason for the link..

This kid got leveled going across the middle…however it was not by a player


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