Friday Link Dump


Once again, LeGarrette Blount can’t help but use his fists to get the point across…At least this time the victim still had his helmet on.

Al Roker lost a lot of weight; perhaps he lost some brain power as well.

Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson prove that Cleveland wasn’t the catalyst for them sucking…oh and Phil Savage was/is an idiot.

Mark Titus is still blogging and I couldn’t be happier…His newest piece examines the 10 levels of fame as he reflects on his own.

So Brett Favre is coming back.  This article sums up the who Favre Watch 2010 perfectly.

Alabama will be wearing Nike Pro Combat uni’s for their matchup against Mississippi.  These may or may not be what they look like…

Holy Leann Tweeden.  Thank you JOCKpost for this.


Raise your hand if you love Rachel Nichols from ESPN….Now that your hand is up, give an air high five to Jerod from for this awesome interview

Simply put, LeBron James is a Bitch.

Apparently winning 10 National Championships and 88 games in a row wasn’t enough for John Wooden.

A lot of personalities owe Jim Gray a debt of gratitude for doing “The Decision”

We started off with LeGarrette Blount and we’ll end with him…because he also punched a college coach.

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