Friday Link Dump

Recently I have relocated from Las Vegas back to Ohio.  In trying to find gainful employment I have been slacking on Thunder Treats.  I am sorry to everyone who has noticed.  This is my way of apologizing and pledging to do better.  This link dump is for all of you who feel you are missing out because of me.  For the others, this is just an awesome collection of great sites you need to visit on the regular.  Enjoy…

I know sometimes I want to take legal action against the teams in Cleveland, but this Met’s fan has taken things to new heights…He is suing the MLB, The Met’s, Rawlings and players

Speaking of the Met’s, K-Rod closed more than a game the other night when he went off on his father-in-law, sending him to the hospital and getting himself charged with more than a blown save…see what I did there?

LeBron James elbow seemed fine the other day at Cedar Point, however his foul shooting is still atrocious.

LeBron didn’t just get shamed at free throws but lost a 3 point contest to a teenager as well…


The guys at have come up with the 26 Hottest Weather Babes on TV…if that wasn’t enough, they came back with 15 more.  Thank you.

Ohio is grooming the next LeBron..we just have to be patient since he is in 3rd grade.

Braylon Edwards opened his mouth again…and once again nothing but shit was spewed.

A Ravens lineman tried to dunk the ball through the goal post.  Hilarity ensued.

With the possibility of a lockout for the NFL, Brandon Marshall announced that he has a safety plan in place…

Ole Miss has a walk-on lineman…He’s big…as in you may be able to see him from a 10 mile radius

New Zealand has some serious penalties for whipping out your ding dong in sport

Today’s math lesson: Nirvana + The Jackson 5 = pure awesomeness.

Question:  Will soccer celebrations ever get old? Answer: Hell No.

LeBron is making a mental list of who has talked ill of him…I’m shaking.

The Hall of Fame inductees were really embarrassed last weekend during the ceremony.

Chris Bosh admits to playing with people’s emotions about his decision on where to play…scumbag.


Soccer star Peter Crouch may be the stupidest man on planet Earth…Abigail Clancy must not have been giving it up on the reg.

The New York Post tried to put a nice spin on the K-Rod story…they didn’t try nearly hard enough though.

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