Leisure Diving is sure to take over pools this summer

leisuredive3Last summer, all the craze was “icing” people.  This summer, it began with a phenomenon called “planking” where people would lay flat, face down with there arms at their side on a weird or crazy surface.  Now people are getting into “owling” which is where you strike a pose crouched down on a surface with your arms at your side as if you were an owl.  If all of those sound stupid and ridiculous then congratulations, you aren’t brain dead.  However, there is a new craze sweeping the nation and I actually find this f’ing hilarious.  Leisure diving!

Leisuredive.com asks you at home to take your best leisure dive and submit it to their website where they have compiled a gallery of the best of the best.  Per there website, a leisure dive is a jump into a body of water (or at least something soft), striking a ‘leisure pose’ in mid-air. Ideally, a photographer captures the moment when the diver has reached peak height above water, when his or her hips are parallel to the waterline.  Obviously the more creative you get the funnier the picture will be.

Below is a small sample of the gallery they have and I must say I laughed out loud at the kid in the flannel and I give mad props to the big dude who got perfectly parallel to the water.  Bravo.

I definitely plan on checking this site out on the regular to see what other crazy shit people have come up with.


h/t The Campus Socialite

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