Joey Chestnut Eats 121 Twinkies in 6 Minutes, Leads to Thunder Treats Side Bet

A lot of people were upset when we thought that we would never see the little yellow, spongy, cream filled Twinkie ever again. Now that they are back, Joey Chestnut still may not mind ever seeing one again. The top-ranked Major League Eating competitor took down 121 of those ageless cakes in just 6 minutes during the World Twinkie Eating Championship in Tunica, Mississippi.

Even better, he took down rival Takeru Kobayashi’s previous record, which was 14 Twinkies in a minute. Chestnut averaged 20 per minute.

So all of this led @DiNunz,@BigMonk72 and myself to get into a Twitter debate one week ago.



October 29, 2013


See how easy that was? So the challenge was issued to Big Monk at 60 Twinkies in 6 minutes. We realized during episode 041 of the Thunder Treats Podcast that evening that perhaps 60 was a bit high and we decided to go with 41 Twinkies in 6 minutes. If Monk had finished the original 61 Twinkies, he would have finished 4th in the competition. If he finished the 41 Twinkies, he would have placed 5th. Unfortunately Monk tossed in the towel at the 5 minute mark with 21 Twinkies down.

That number, and it only being 5 minutes, is enough to give Monk a top 10 finish in the World Twinkie Eating Championship. We can now say that Monk is a World Class caliber eater. Check out the video below of Monk’s attempt at 41.

Also, go eat a Twinkie. Then imagine eating 20 more in 5 minutes…or 120 more in 6 minutes.


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