Jamie Summerlin has less than 100 miles left in his cross country run for veterans

jamiewwpBack on Memorial Day, we wrote about Jamie Summerlin, the former Marine who was running to support the Wounded Warriors Project.  His run would take him from sea to shining sea.  From Oregon to Maryland in 100 days.

Well he is in the home stretch.

At publishing time, Jamie was somewhere between 80-90 miles from his finish line in Rehoboth Beach, Maryland.  It has been anything but easy for him with the extreme weather conditions we have been having.  Include with the weather a shin injury and it makes this story all the more incredible.

He has raised over $40,000 for the Wounded Warriors Project and has inspired countless others.  Send Jamie an inspirational message on Twitter or Facebook and let him know you are behind him as he finishes this epic journey.  He tweeted earlier that he would be running all day and all night to finish out the trip.  Cheer him on!

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