Jaguars Mascot Jaxson de Ville & Cheerleaders Had More Fun at EverBank Field Than Any Fans This Season

The Jacksonville Jaguars finished the season at 4-12 but for some reason when I see that record, I think it is leaps and bounds better than my Cleveland Browns record of 4-12. ¬†Maybe it’s because the Jaguars beat the Browns and I lost a bet or maybe it’s because the Jaguars finished the second half of the season at .500 after starting 0-8. ¬†Either way, they finished 4-12 and all I’m trying to say is that things weren’t all sunshine and rainbows at EverBank Field this year.

Until now.

Jaxson de Ville and some hottie cheerleaders (no one can take that away from you, Jags fans) decided that not all fun should be lost at EverBank Field after the disappointing season. That’s when Devin Super Tramp entered the picture and got the group to do some swing/zip line jumping from the lights.

From the lights.


Check out the awesome video below and if this is a precursor for things to come in Jacksonville, then I think we can all agree that whatever quarterback they take with their #3 pick in the draft will be the next Dan Marino.

Yup, that’s totally what this means.

h/t Shutdown Corner
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