It’s Official! Crystal Pepsi Is Making A Comeback!

You read that right! Pepsi has announced that Crystal Clear Pepsi, their brainchild of the early 90’s, will make its triumphant return!

However, it won’t be as easy as going down to the grocery store and picking up a 12-pack. That would be too easy, right? Instead, Pepsi will have 13,000 six packs available to their customers, but the only way to get your mitts on one is to win a contest.

Beginning December 10, through their app (of course) you can enter the contest and become one of the hopefuls vying for the grand prize to end all grand prizes.

Much thanks must go to competitive eater Kevin Strahle who in June was forwarded this message by Pepsi and told to sit tight. Because of his tireless trolling and humorous effort, 13,000 lucky people will be able to be transported back to the glory days of 1993! Nostalgia wins again!


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