The IO Hawk Is A Segway-Skateboard Hybrid That Marty McFly Would Approve Of

The IO Hawk is very intriguing. It is a high-tech mode of transportation that was born from parents of the Segway and Skateboard variety. With no handles, it would seem that this product would be very awkward to ride, but that isn’t the case according to the various videos of people riding them.

For the record, I rode a Segway once. I took a hard left and went straight into the side of a parked car. So I’m not entirely sure how I would fair with no handlebars.

That’s right. No handlebars. The IO Hawk is controlled by your toes. It is powered by batteries, motors and moves and turns according to the pressure applied by your feet. Shifting your balance can steer the 22 pound scooter.

Right now the IO Hawk travels up to 6 mph, which is insanely fast if you think about it. Also, it is rocking a $1,800 price tag. Learn more by visiting the IO Hawk website.

Imagine hitting a pebble…ouch.


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