If I had a $120 million dollars…

Most of my days as of late have consisted of talking with SoCalShredder about what to do with the money we are going to win on Mega Millions. We can thank the tanking economy for that one. After numerous, long conversations, we have come to the decision that the smartest and most awesome way to spend the money would be to buy an island and invite all our friends to live there. We have been researching islands and have come up with a few that we feel will suit our needs. We have decided to start our list of what needs to be included on this island to make it most epic. I warn you though, if you ask Shredder about this, his response will take most of your day. A few of the things listed below are absolutely necessary and others we can do without. But lets face it, when we win $120 million is it really going to matter?

• Waterslide that ends with a 15 foot drop into the ocean
Personal Cantina’s that are surrounded by water
Jet Skis for everyone on the island
ATVs for everyone on the island
• A golf course, designed by Jack Potts
• If no room for a golf course, a driving range
• At least three party yachts
• A clubhouse full of games such as:
o Bubble Hockey
o Pool
o Air Hockey
o Buck Hunter
o Side by Side Mario Cart
o Pop a Shot
o Skee Ball
o Shuffle Board
o All video game consoles available
o Foosball table
• Fruit Trees
• Shred Sticks for all (a surfboard if you’re new to TT)
• Outdoor Shower (face it, who doesn’t enjoy being naked outside?)
Rope swing into the ocean
• Cliff Jumping (if need be, we will build our own cliff)
• So many hammocks you won’t know what to do with yourself
Zip line

Like we said, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We could go on, but we would rather hear what you think. All of Thunder Nation is invited to live on this island and do what ever they want all the time. Let us know what you think we should add to the list. This way, when we win that magical Mega Millions, we will have everything ready to go. Take a look at this boss island. Let the wheels start turning…

**A special thanks to the SoCalShredder for his input with this post**

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