The Ideal Gift: Drones And The Fun Ways You Can Use One

Drones are becoming a popular gadget for hobbyists. Those into technology will have great fun flying a drone through the air. But drones are suitable for all kinds of people, as there are so many ways you can use one. They’re a great Christmas or birthday gift idea for anyone. Enough droning on, here are five of the fun things you can do with a drone.

Drone Racing

If you know other people with drones, you can have fun racing against them. You can really put your drone-piloting skills to the test, and you can choose a racecourse anywhere. You and a friend could race your drones from the kitchen to the bathroom. You could take a bunch of people with drones out to the park for a real drone Grand Prix.

You could even make it a little more competitive by putting money on it. Of course, you’ll want a drone fit for racing, so look for one that’s fast, agile and can stay in the air for a long time. Here’s a Syma X5C Review which might help you out.

Take A Selfie

Since many consumer drones come equipped with cameras, many people are using them as the newest way to take a selfie. Let’s be honest, flying your drone 10 feet above you to take an aerial view selfie is much more entertaining than using a tablet or selfie stick!

Pretend You’re Flying

You can now pretend you’re flying, as some drone companies are adding virtual reality features to their drones. With a set of VR goggles, you can watch from the camera of your drone while you pilot it. This offers an immersive experience by making you feel like you’re flying yourself.

Thanks to virtual reality, you can soar high and see new sights. Or just fly yourself around your house, giving a new meaning to being a fly on the wall.

Stream Live Video

In addition to camera features, many drones can also record live video. Sky Sports has started using drones for live sporting events, but you can stream pretty much anything from a drone.

Periscope recently announced that users will be able to live stream using certain drones. Facebook also has features to send video directly from your drone to a stream. Even if you just want to view where your drone is flying, this can be a fun way to use it.

Carry And Deliver Objects

As well as flying and shooting video, drones can be a portable delivery device! Retailers such as Amazon and Walmart are working on delivery drones, and one startup is even using drones to deliver medicine. But even for the average person, there are plenty of ways you can use a drone to carry objects.

Certain drones are able to carry objects up to a certain weight, so if you need to send something over to a neighbour you could have your drone to it for you. You can also get a grabber claw for your drone, so you’ll never have to get up to fetch the TV remote again! This is one of the most entertaining ways to use your drone.

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