i blame the bartender.

Wow.  I should actually be in the shower right now, but I see this post as slightly more important.  I had a flight to Ohio today at 9:15.  Then it was changed to 11:15.  And now it is scheduled for 2:45.  Normally I would go into a rage full of swearing, but this time I am grateful.  Last night was our friends birthday and by Bro Code I was obligated to go out and celebrate, even though the smart thing would have been to stay home.  So we went out and got drinks.  Then some more drinks.  After we were finished and everyone was going, I thought it would be a good idea to go to the Strip.  Not such a good idea at all.  A lot of people, including myself, think it is a great thing to have bartender for a friend.  Some people might call it getting hooked up, but I think there needs to be some rules.  For instance, last night the place was empty and we were clearly there for just 1 drink.  I believe we even told him that.  There was also only 2 of us, not the normal 5-6 people.  You could just tell that we weren’t looking for a crazy night.  Now the bartender seems to look at us as “full go” all the time, so he proceeded to make our drinks insanely strong.  Frank made it clear that he was driving and didn’t need another drink, but he still got them.  After all of the drinking of the night, I decided on the way home that I didn’t need all of that liquid, so I simply discharged it out the window.  I threw up.  I passed out as soon as I got home and I never packed.

This leads me into why I am happy for a delayed flight.  I woke up at 9:30 and jumped out of bed because I thought I slept through my flight.  After realizing I didn’t miss it I calmed down, but almost immediately went back into a panic because my ride was going to be there any minute and I hadn’t packed a thing.  I opened the suit case and started throwing clothes across the room into it.  Then the ride called and informed me of the delay.  Disaster averted.  Now I would have made the flight, no argument, but I am certain that I would have forgotten about 85%-90% of the things I was supposed to bring home.  So instead of rushing I was able to have a nice breakfast and relax and pack everything I needed.  I think.  Shit.
Now on to the shower portion of my day.

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