How Successful Entrepreneurs De-Stress

Life as an entrepreneur is stressful. Starting a business is hard work. It takes plenty of time and commitment, and there’s often knock backs along the way. Far from the glamour that many people associate with successful entrepreneurs, away from the business lunches and important networking events, most business owners spend their days chasing payments, negotiating contracts, dealing with conflicts, and trying to reduce damage when something has gone wrong. 

This year, the already stressful life of the successful entrepreneur has taken a more stressful turn. COVID-19, and the lockdowns that have followed, have meant that even large, global businesses have suffered, and many of us have been fighting tooth and nail to merely keep our businesses alive. Most of us have been stressed out for at least part of 2020. 

Successful people use this stress. They don’t let it stop them in their tracks. They find ways to manage it so that they are able to push their businesses forward and continue to enjoy what they do. With the right tools, stress can be overcome, and positivity can flow. So, let’s take a look at how some of the most successful entrepreneurs de-stress during a long and challenging week. 

Get Up Earlier

We often get stressed out simply because we’ve got too much to do. We work late into the night, we’re tired, and trying to fit everything into our days is exhausting. 

The most successful people don’t deal with this by working later. Instead, they realize that they are more likely to work to their best if they are well-rested and less likely to make mistakes earlier in the day. 

So, they get up earlier. They start their days an hour before everyone else they know, giving them more time to do it all, without affecting their work-life balance. 

Get More Sleep

Tiredness means that we are more stressed out and that we have a more challenging time beating it. Getting up earlier should mean that you can also go to bed earlier, getting more sleep, and waking feeling refreshed. 

If you struggle to sleep, try sticking to a digital shut down, turning notifications off, and stepping away from all devices after a specific time. 

Spend Time Outdoors

Spending time outdoors is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress. The great outdoors can help us put our problems into perspective, see things in a new light, spot solutions, and clear our heads and take a break from our stressors. 

Time outdoors will also help you to get some fresh air and exercise, which will never hurt. Even a short, ten-minute walk outdoors, or eating your lunch in the park instead of at your desk can help. 

Break the Pattern of Negative Thought

Stress often leads to repetitive negative thoughts. We get trapped in a cycle of thinking about things that could go wrong or things that we need to do. We can’t stop ourselves, and so our stress starts to get worse. 

Sometimes the best thing that you can do is break out of this pattern as soon as you spot it. Something simple like calling a friend, listening to a song that you enjoy, or tackling a different project can work well. 

Burn Off Some Negative Energy

Another great way to break your negative cycle, while also turning your negative stress-energy into something more positive is exercise. Like running or HIIT, something fast can help you feel like you are letting go of the negativity and releasing it from your body. This can help you to clear your mind and get a good night’s sleep. 

Enjoy Something Less Serious

You might think that successful people are above less serious past-times, but many of them find that things like playing games on their phone, completing puzzles, looking at online sportsbooks, watching rom-coms, or laughing at TikTox are an easy way to break patterns and let go of stress and negativity. 

Take Action

We often get stressed out and anxious when we are worried about something. If there’s something on your to-do list that you are concerned about, it might keep you up at night. In these situations, the best thing that you can do is take action. Stop putting it off, get on with it. Things are rarely as bad as we build them up to be, and knowing that you are on the right path can be a comfort. 

We all have different ways to cope with stress. What works for someone else may not for you. Try some of the things we’ve looked at here to help manage your stress levels. For many, it’s a combination that is most effective. But, remember, typically nothing will ever beat taking a break. 

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