Healthy Living Trends That Are Here to Stay

The world that we are living in today is extremely different from the world that we were living in just a little over a decade ago. There have been so many food trends that have come and gone, some that have prevailed and some that we have all but forgotten about. The healthy food trends that seem to stick around are the ones that are backed up by nature, by science, and by the human beings that swear by them.

As we continue to evolve and move into even more hyper sensitized lifestyles where we can design our own diets, lifestyles and food choices, it is no surprise that the organic food movement, clean, healthy eating, and gluten-free diet choices are the food trends that are here to stay.

Gluten-Free Baking Options

Xanthan Gum is crucial ingredient for gluten-free baking. It serves as a natural thickening agent, emulsifier and binding agent that is gluten free and that is derived from the fermentation process of sucrose, glucose and other sugars.

If you are gluten intolerant or you have been diagnosed with celiac disease, xanthan gum is especially important for you and your diet. You will want to ensure that you are purchasing xanthan gum that is 100% gluten free, and products that are produced in 100% gluten free facilities as well.

Gluten-Free xanthan gum can be a bit hard to come by so if you are struggling with where to buy xanthan gum you are not the only one out there. You can find some resources online, as well as checking with your local organic or gluten free grocery or specialty store. Depending on where you live sourcing it online may be your best option.

 Nutritional Value

Xanthan gum is officially classified as a carbohydrate. It also has a super high fiber concentration making it a great source for fiber intake. Xanthan gum works to thicken and bind ingredients together and does so quickly and efficiently making baking processes super effortless and quick. Without using xanthan gum in many glutens free recipes, you lose the ability to create the right textures and moisture levels in your dishes. Xanthan gum is relatively low in calories in and of itself and is easily broken down and digested.

Potential Drawbacks

There are always potential drawbacks to any food product or food substitute out there that you should be aware of. Xanthan gum can have potential laxative type effects on some people that have issues with food items that are high in fiber.  Another perceived detriment is that some people have adverse reactions to the taste of the product in certain baking recipes and dishes. These potential drawbacks seem relatively legible but they can pose issues to anyone who is allergic or who has unexpected adverse reactions to xanthan gum.


As with any food product making decisions about your diet and overall health strategy are extremely personal decisions. Most experts would agree that the benefits of utilizing xanthan gum when it comes to upholding gluten free diet far outweigh any perceived risk or negative side effects.

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