Hump Day Dump



Holy Crap, Elin has 750 million reasons to not give a shit what holes Tiger dropped his…well you get it.  Even if it’s not true, she’ll still net $300 million plus.  Lucky babe.

There are some things in baseball that make people gasp and hold their breath.  One is when the batter lets his bat fly into the stands.  The other would be when a pitcher winces and holds his arm. 

The World Cup might be over for the USA but that doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy the fans of the other countries right?

The Champ, Mike Tyson, turns the big 4-4 today and in honor of that, has the best 15 videos of him…ever.

The MLB All Star game is coming up in a couple weeks in Cali, Deadspin thinks the starter on the hump should the second coming of Christ, Stephen Strasburg

Is it possible that the state of the Lions has driven its own president, Tom Lewand, to drink?  Maybe he can meet up with Holmgren for a drinking sesh.

The World Wide Douche Bag that is William Wesley will NOT be in attendance while LeBron listens to pitches from teams. 

No one hates this free agency crap as much as me, but if you have been following it, you might as well try to win some free shit right?


Vanity Fair tried it’s best to be funny during an Erin Andrews interview, at least that is what it seems.  Whether they were serious or not, they failed miserably.

Maurice Clarett Jeremiah Masoli is reportedly looking at Louisiana Tech and Mississippi State as a place to play now that Oregon kicked him to the curb.  Lucky them.

Nigerian President, Goodluck Johnathan (you read that right) has suspended soccer after their crappy World Cup showing.  Stiff penalty.

Carlos Zambrano has a slight anger management problem.  Just ask the Gatorade machine that perished in one of his tirades.  But people still try to convince otherwise.

Thank You Isiah Thomas for cemented the fact that Knicks will not get LeBron James during this FA Frenzy.

Could Carmelo Anthony be on the block?  I’d reject a 3 year $65 million salary too.  Idiot.

All the O’s need is a 54 game win streak and it’s smooth sailing..and that’s what they are aiming for.

Mike Singletary is referring to rookie Taylor Mays as “annoying”.  I agree but I think Mike and I have differing views on what is “annoying”.

These two broads really need to get a life.  Oh my God, that’s so nice that they lit a scented candle in remembrance of MJ.  I like how the author refers to them…


Say it with me: LET’S GO PARAGUAY, CLAP. CLAP. CLAP, CLAP, CLAP…because we all want to see this Baberham Lincoln running the streets in the buff

The Sports Hernia has confirmed the latest and biggest news of the free agency period…No one knows shit about shit.

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