Hump Day Dump


Lane Lindell is dating…hell… I don’t really care but these pictures at Friends of the Program are fantastic

The guys at 27 Pitches think that Doc Halladay should take more credit for his perfect game and I agree.  Hey Doc, there is such a thing as being too modest.

Congrats to Jason McIntyre and crew on a nice payday, enjoy that deeeluxe apartment in the sky!

The Florida Marlins have figured out a way to cash in on Halladay’s perfect game… Sell the unsold tickets to the game.  I wish some guys would throw some perfect games in Cleveland so they could sell tickets too…

Need a .GIF image of a Shakeweight to drive home the humor in a recent post or email?  Don’t fret, Tirico Suave has a Depot for that!

Favre Dollar Footlongs is giving away and T-Shirt and Best Buy card in its World Cup Pick ‘Em

Bob takes a different look at the French Open… Not normally what you would expect…

Only In Cleveland asks the question that most have on their minds come tournament time..”Why does the NCAA hate on the Midwest?”

There is a problem with Texas Tech owing Mike Leach $1.7 Million…they’re not paying.

Have fun with your iPhone, because you’re about to hate the shit out of it…


A man in Indianapolis has been sentenced for killing his Uncle…with a sword…while drunk.  My only question is who is responsible for Nana’s death?

Dallas Braden had a good time during a rain delay against the Tigers.  This is something you usually only see in college games.  I’m glad to see some sense of humor and I becoming more of Braden fan each day.


Jerod at Midwest Sports Fans may have outdone himself here with the 9 Best Rick Rolls of All Time, which also includes the history of the art form known as “Rick Rolled”

Two of my favorite things are Mad Libs and Baseball…This is what happens when you mix both of them.

Contrary to the popular belief, useful Red Sox fans do exsist

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