Hump Day Dump


I don’t think I have ever taken the time to fully appreciate what the Donald has given us.  His daughter Ivanka.  Shwiiing.

Turns out that Strasburg fella is pretty good.  22 strikeouts in his first two games good.

Wah wah wah David Beckham, looks like the U.S. got some game!

Everyone is enamored by the World Cup right now, but there is a side we have not heard about.  I keep seeing scenes from Taken while reading this.  Someone call Liam Neeson, we need his “particular set of skills”.

The guys at 27 Pitches introduce us to the reason for bad officiating…The Tom Cruise Effect.

The Big Lead has a substantial amount of World Cup coverage, however the best story might be about those guys that make Army Knives.

Coach Tom Izzo from Michigan State…and still from Michigan State…has decided that he is better served by staying in the state that smells like hot dog water.


Deadspin wants to know…are these ladies legit soccer fans at the World Cup or are they just there to stir up some viral advertising…whichever it is, it’s working.

A picture is worth 500-1,000 words…or whatever a normal post is…

Is the Strasburg hype gotten too big to enjoy the game?  Are people rooting against him simply to try to stop the insanity?

I don’t give a shit who wins the NBA Finals.  There I said it.  Yes, I am a bitter Cavaliers fan…but I like Gene’s take on it

I can’t figure out what I hate most about this video. A.) The fact that they are in the oil plagued Gulf, in a boat and talking about football or 2.) The douchebag from Fox who likes Ole Miss.

Personally I think that “Bro’s Icing Bro’s” is the dumbest thing since Crystal Pepsi, but I guess a lot of people are doing it now because the d-bags who own just cashed in on their site…Bastards.

I know you look at your teams stats, but how many players on your team have recorded a “Howard” this season? This is a hilarious new stat line to keep track of.

Even this very little girl knows that Kyle Orton is a giant douche and stanks at football.

The only thing that comes close to sports?  Fake sports and their stories.


I LOVE CARRIE UNDERWOOD.  And we need some good hitters for our softball team…we already recruited Lon Kruger…whatta ya say Carrie?

So Izzo izn’t coming to C-Town, now what are you gonna do Danny G?

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