Hump Day Dump


A lot is going on in the world of sports, entertainment and down right funny shit.  So instead of me wasting my time trying to cover all of it, I will let these fantastic websites do the work for me.  Do yourself a favor and bookmark each one of them so I don’t have to keep sifting through shit for you.  Do it yourself!  Here is your Hump Day Dump…

Ozzie Guillen is known for his antics but this is just wrong.  When an Indians fan asked for an autograph, this is what he got.


One of my favorite things to do is make fun of Glen “Big Baby” Davis.  Luckily the guys at Tirico Suave enjoy the same hobby.


The Big Smudge has the new full length Nike commercial for the upcoming World Cup in South Africa.  I don’t know about you guys, but this commercial gets me pumped.



Romanian tennis star Simona Halep returned to this year’s French Open, but something was missing.


Speaking of tennis, the sweaty ass of Venus Williams was also present at the French Open.  What the F*CK is she thinking.  How is this a good idea?


Smoking two packs of cigarettes a day is a little unhealthy.  It is really unhealthy is the smoker is 16 years under the age limit.


I never, ever want Peter at Cleveland Frowns on my bad side.  Buzz Bissinger and Connie Schultz are examples why.


I thought all the talk of Coach K leaving Duke for the NBA and Cleveland was a little off, however the guys at Stepien Rules have made me rethink my position.


The United States has released its World Cup roster for next month



If it reads like extortion and smells like extortion, then I call it extortion.


I know most school years are winding down and teachers are looking for time fillers, but this is just ridiculous.  The students body slam of the teacher was pulled off with perfection.


I wonder how much Frank Caliendo paid these guys?



Midwest Sports Fans looks at the evolution of Phil Jackson…because there are no Midwest teams in the NBA playoffs and their MLB teams stink.


Finally someone has said it! CALM THE JOHN WALL HYPE! FTW!!!


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