Hump Day Dump



It has been eons since I have dumped out a set of links for you guys.  I apologize, I really have no excuse.  So I will be trying to get a Hump Day Dump to go along with the Hump Day Hottie every Wednesday from now on.  Key word there is try, I will however promise to do my best.  Here is your inaugural Hump Day Dump…


The guys over at 27 Pitches are breaking down the facts behind the claim that Josh McDaniel’s is actually the coach everyone has built him up to be.  Is there a way he can ever fill out the hoodie like his sensei?


We have all seen Craig Sager on the sidelines, in fact it might be impossible to miss him.  Midwest Sports Fans has done the blinding duty of giving us a Top 10 in Colorful Suit History along with some clever names for each.



The Babes at Babes Love Baseball are pissed at Hanley Ramirez and with good reason.  If there is one thing we know it’s you never want to piss off a babe.


Chiefs Dwayne Bowe will need to borrow a pretty large shoe horn to remove his foot from his mouth, as Bob’s Blitz reports he has been quoted telling tales of NFL sex trafficking.


I usually hate all things Michigan.  However, the two exceptions to that rule are Detroit 4 Lyfe and Miss Michigan.


Bro Bible has compiled a list of the 10 reason not to date Megan Fox…wait for it…according to Megan Fox.  Dutch oven herself? Still hot.  I don’t care what you say.


Deadspin’s got a report on another person tasered at a pro sporting event.  The difference this time is that it was a player’s father…Ouch.  Oh, and he has a rap sheet that includes murder.  Perhaps, just an opinion here, he was unruly and deserved to have the shit shocked out of him?


Major League Jerk has their unofficial NBA Mock Draft up…they have the Net’s taking Wes Johnson at number 3 but their surprise pick might be who they have the Grizzlies taking at #12.


Apparently no one is safe at Lakers games, not even the celebs.  Poor Mr. Courteney Cox Arquette.



Rumors and Rants has a response to the protests over Lakers Coach Phil Jackson’s comments on the immigration legislation in Arizona.  I guarantee you will say “you took the words right out of my mouth” more than once.


Speaking Coach Shoulders, SPORTS by BROOKS reports that the Lakers are going to ask him to take a 60% paycut next season.  How can someone live on $5 million dollars a year?


Stepien Rules looks at the audaciousness of the New York Post to suggest that the Knicks bring Dru Joyce III, LeBron’s high school teammate, to New York to try to lure him there.


The Big Lead writes that the NFL is going to have a lock out in 2011 and they may be right.  Asked to rate the probability of a lockout on a scale of 1-10, NFLPA president DeMaurice Smith rated it a “14.”

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