Friday's Thunder Links

Above is a picture of Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy picking himself a winner and below are some links that bring the thunder…

Report: USF Has Fired Jim Leavitt [No Guts, No Glory]


Cribbs Feels His Days with Browns are Over []


The Story of a Misplaced Eagles Fan: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 [27 Pitches]


Everyone Loves…Razor [Big Smudge]


Tiger Woods to Hit the Box (Office)? [Detroit4Lyfe]


Great Day for Buckeye Nation [Duane Long Report]


McNabb’s Last Season in Philly [Fan Nation]


Congrats to the Alabammah Crimson Tide [Friends of the Program]


A Rod’s New Girlfriend Elaine Spottswood [Midwest Sports Fans]


Global World Series? [More Hardball]


Top 5 Biggest Surprises in the NBA [Pacman Jonesin’]


Championship Game Reflection [Rumors and Rants]


Rex Ryan Also Predicts He’ll be People’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2010 [Tauntr]


No Longer the Weak 11 [The Silver Bullet]


Hey Vick, F U! [The Sports Hernia]


Theoretical Reasoning Behind Mangini’s Return [Waiting For Next Year]


Snow Day Cleveland Browndup [Cleveland Frowns]

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