Friday Link Dump


Mitch Williams used to play in the Major League…You would think he would know the rules right? Wrong.

Ray Lewis has spoken out against the Jets…Never has a murderer linebacker made so much sense.

My guess is that this goalkeeper has gotten lynched by his teams hometown by now…idiot.

Sidney Crosby may the untapped resource the Pittsburgh Pirates have been looking for…for oh, I don’t know, 20 or so years.

There are plenty of hot girls in southern schools…but which one has the best?

I hate turbulence on a plane as much as the next guy, but this is NOT the solution to it.

It is still yet to be seen whether or not the Heisman Trust will take back Reggie Bush’s trophy, but if they do will he, or what he did that season, ever be forgotten?

This Cold Stone Creamery in Mississippi may or may not be holding a grudge.

Soccer star Wayne Rooney has a pretty hot girlfriend…for a pretty hot price.

When Minnesota Vikings WR Percy Harvin collapsed last month during practice, it was more serious than anyone thought.

University of Miami head coach Randy Shannon is naïve..and needs a geography lesson.

The MGM Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has a live lion exhibit.  You would have to be crazy to be a lion trainer…this is why.

So Glenville High School (Cleveland, OH) defeated Dwyer High School (FL)…apparently some people are mad about the non-touchdown at the end of the game…


Boise State wanted $1 million to play at Nebraska…Nebraska claimed it was too high…I think they might be scared (with good reason)

There are a lot of different genres in music these days; however we may now have another one…Frat Rap?

Jacory Harris, quarterback for the Miami Hurricanes, is channeling his inner NWA.

The Marlins won the World Series in 1997, the Buckeyes won the National Championship in 2002, LeBron left for Miami and Cleveland Glenville beat Dwyer…do Ohio and Florida have beef?

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