Friday 6 Banger – Presented by Danni Rosner

dannirosnerToday’s 6-Banger has a special feature to it. Danni Rosner has just completed her new video for her song “On My Way”. Danni is a supremely talented singer/songwriter and I’d like everyone to check it the F out. “On My Way” is the first video from her EP from the same title. Check her out on Facebook and Twitter or check her website for more details. You won’t be disappointed.

[youtube id=NO4w5YsMf8g ]

If you can do it, you can distract opposing teams by having coordinated movement in the background

Comedian Gallaghar loves to smash things…but perhaps his sledgehammer is getting too heavy.

Girls baseketball? Cool. Girls Wrestling. Ehhhh.  Where is the line drawn?

No Guts No Glory asks the question that is on everyone’s mind in Souf Beach

Tressel is in trouble, so naturally if you are from Michigan you are happy..but what does the rest of the country think? What about Ohio?

The Friday edition of Hot Clicks is sure to please.

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