FREE Autographed Picture of Boobie Gibson

From our sister site, Only In Cleveland…Get after it!

I know you all, just like me, are still jacked up about the big win by the Browns yesterday and to keep that momentum going, we decided to let you guys compete for a FREE autographed picture of Daniel Gibson! This picture is framed beautifully and has the certificate of authenticity on the back. We have been thinking of a way for you guys to win it and after much debate have come up with what we think will be fun.

Our site has been live for about 9 months now and we don’t really have a tag line or slogan. Originally it was “Where nothing really surprises us” but we weren’t sure of that, so we took it down. Since then, we have come up with some new ones but haven’t really gotten “the one”. That is where you guys come in.

In the comment section below, on our Facebook page or on Twitter, we want you to send in your best Only In Cleveland slogan! You can enter as many times as you want and PLEASE pass this on to other Cleveland fans!

The rules are simple. No swearing and must be clever. Think you can handle it? The contest will run until Friday, November 12th at 12:00 PM sharp. We will collect all the entries and spend the weekend narrowing them down. A winner for the autographed picture of Boobie will be announced next Monday at Noon!

Have fun guys and remember to let everyone know about this contest! Have fun!

Be sure to head to Only In Cleveland to participate!

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