Founder of Crocs gets pinched for DUI, claims Taylor Swift was driving

georgeboedeckermugGeorge Boedecker, one of the founders of Crocs, was arrested this weekend in Colorado for drunk driving.  Except 51-year-old Boedecker claims he wasn’t the one driving and that it was his girlfriend.  He told police that he and his girlfriend had gotten into a fight and that she parked the car and left the scene, leaving him there by himself.  This was a totally plausible scenario until the police asked Boedecker who is girlfriend was.

“she’s a really f*cking famous singer,” Boedecker told officer Patrick Vest before following up with “do you know who Taylor Swift is?”.

Vest, going along with his story, asked Boedecker where Swift had gone.  He gestured towards the adjacent neighborhood and said she was “in Nashville”.  In keeping with the fight scenario, Boedecker also told them that his girlfriend was “batshit crazy.”

Clearly the relationship was a result of Boedecker being over-served, so the police carried on with protocol by asking Boedecker what his address is, to which he replied “I have 17 f*cking homes”.  Things didn’t get much better for the police as the night went on as Boedecker refused to do their “f*cking maneuvers” when asked to do a field sobriety test.  Also, after he was cuffed, he promptly told the two officers to “go f*ck themselves in the ass”.  Boedecker also added that Officer Vest was an “asshole” and that he hoped he would “f*cking die”.

Safe to say that George Boedecker was absolutely shitfaced, right?  I mean we have all been in a situation drunk that we don’t remember the next morning.  I, myself, have had a couple of run ins with the police that leave me scratching my head in the morning but this is just a new level. 

Maybe I need to add that it was 5:30 PM on Saturday night when this all went down.

Impressed is the only word that comes to mind.  At least the car was parked.


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