Focus: How to Boost Your Concentration Before the Exams

While some of you may have those exams over with already, others are still feverishly trying to catch up with everything they’ve been taught this term.

The distractions are often many, though, and it seems like some people are just able to simply switch the world off and focus on the task in front of them as if it’s not one of the most difficult things in the world.

Luckily, it’s actually not, and you can easily become one of those people by following the simple tips below. Here is a handful of ways to boost your concentration and focus much much better before those exams so that you can enjoy your summer holiday for real this time.

First: Learn to narrow your focus

It’s actually no wonder that so many of us struggle to focus on something when it’s so easy to get distracted. Our brains have gotten used to it too – and, as soon as something becomes a bit boring, it’s way too easy to flick over to something else instead.

You can reverse this trend in your own mind, though, by focusing on the small things throughout your day. Try to really listen when someone is talking to you, do one thing at a time, and make sure that those around you get your undivided attention.

They don’t have to know about it, of course, and you should definitely not try to make it too obvious by staring them down as they talk. Just do it for yourself, improve your attention span, and notice how much easier it becomes to get through those textbooks later on.

Next: Work on your willpower

Your brain is like a muscle, after all, and the more you practice focusing and concentrating on one task, the better you’ll get at it over time. Many of us are conditioned into allowing our thoughts to drift, doodling on that sheet of paper instead of working, and planning the next week’s dinners while deadlines are fast approaching.

As we continue to give in to our need for entertainment, our attention span is also slowly shrinking. You can definitely reverse this effect, though, but remember to start slowly and increase the time of studying as you go – kind of like how you’d get into lifting weights.

You can set a timer, for example, and commit to studying for fifteen minutes before you can browse a bit.

Find some study music

No matter what you need to focus on, if it’s your work, studies or those tax returns, it’s going to help a lot when you have some calm music in the background. It kind of blocks out all of that other background noise that’s going on in your head and make it easier for you to focus on what’s right in front of you.

Some streaming services are better than others, though, so have a look at this article to figure out what is the best music subscription: Spotify or Apple Music for some great alternatives. Remember to keep the music soft and to only make it a part of the background – the main thing you should be listening to is the sound of your own work.

These simple tips will really help you a lot in terms of focusing and concentrating so make sure that you practice it even when you’re off. Listen carefully when people talk to you, set an allocated time for studying and for breaks, and your grades will surely reflect your efforts.

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